About WGES

Welcome to Wood Gormley Elementary School, one of the top performing elementary schools in New Mexico!  The school serves students in grades K-6 and supports all learners, depending on their individual learning needs.  Of the approximate 380 enrolled students, 10 percent of the students are identified for gifted services and 7 percent are identified for resource services.

Students have the opportunity to participate weekly in PE, music/band, art and library/technology classes.  Grades 4-6 students have a choice and can either choose band or music.

The Parent/Teacher Club (PTC) is actively involved in supporting the students, raising approximately $80,000 per year to fund additional staffing and purchase resources for teachers.  

A few of the special events held throughout the school year include Movie Night, Fall Festival, Art Night, Panther Run and music and band performances, field day and Silent Auction Night.