Students Against Gun Violence joined in protest

Gun Violence Prevention Week (GVPW) is November 28 - December 2, 2022

The purpose of Gun Violence Prevention Week (GVPW) is to bring awareness to the violence perpetrated in our society with guns. During the week of Nov 28 - Dec 2, 2022, we are encouraging every school site to participate in activities that will raise students’ awareness around gun violence.  A summary of district-wide activities, as well as optional school site and classroom-based activities can be found in the Gun Violence Prevention Week 2023 Outline

We especially encourage each school to at minimum participate in the Student Pledge Against Gun Violence during Gun Violence Prevention Week.

Students have participated in this Pledge nationally since 1996, with over 10 million youth signing.  The Pledge has both younger and older student versions, and is available in English, Spanish, or Bilingual. Students should officially sign the SFPS version of the Pledge through this link


Since implementing the Pledge in Santa Fe Public Schools in 2014, there has been a 52% drop in students bringing weapons to school (Source: 2013 - 2019 NM YRRS Survey,

Our efforts around gun violence prevention are not anti-gun, and SFPS and New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence stresses to every student that going hunting with their family or enjoying shooting sports are important family activities for many of New Mexico’s families.